Tuesday, 19 May 2009

South of Heaven

French, dissonant, and this time with an unmistakeable groove, not to mention singing.

Glorior Belli - Meet us at the southern sign

A burning cross on your perfect lawn....

Dear old Napalm Death must have the biggest shiteating grin on their faces right now... that or they feel sick as a fucking parrot, knowing they've inspired a generation of grinders and punks to produce music like the following.

There was a Nasum shaped void in the grindcore market...not anymore now it's filled by these 3 young Swedes.

Slabheavy production & groove a mile long, a beast if you will.

Please do enjoy.

Heads up Sayyadina, Splitter, Rotten sound fanboys

Afgrund - vid helvetets grindar

Monday, 18 May 2009

Catchy (although not as catchy as previous efforts) DM from France enjoy.

Gorod - Process of a new decline