Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy new year

I've neglected this place... maybe it will be one of my new years resolutions to keep it alive, wait who am I kidding, bollocks to that, Just wave your king kong funpiece around when you see a new post after 3 months.

When you're dead you stay dead

Fans of filthy death metal rejoice, what you have here is a tour de force of no bullshit crusty death metal ala Morbid angel, Terrorizer, Phobia, Entombed/Dismember axis Total Razorback style death metal here folks.

Vacant Coffin - Sewer Skullpture

What's in a name....

Disgusting name, equally disgusting music, heavy like a death in the family.

Fans of Grief will eat this shit up, not to mention Accept death, Rue, Ultralord, Scumchrist, son of jor el, Leechmilk, King travolta fanboys.

Album is high up there for me.

Fistula - Burdened by your existence