Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ice Nine - Discography (2004)

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badass underrated as hell power violence. members went on to majhas, burn it down, the dream is dead, etc. sounds like those bands.


Grand Magus - Iron Will (2008)

Trad doom maybe.


Friday, 30 May 2008

Harvey Milk - Life... the best game in town (2008)

Harvey Milk don't like you.

But I like them, so what are you waiting for, DL.


Rubbish Heap - Rubbish Heap (????)

The dudes at Conspiracy records used to play in this band.
Unremitting hardcore from Belgium... don't know too much about this, one thing I do know though, is that it's awesome.


Kerosene 454

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A really solid post-hardcore band that fell under the radar unfortunately. their second and third albums.

Came By To Kill Me (1997)
At Zero (1998)

Sludge - lava (2008)

What's to say about this... an absolute hammer smash of an album, crushing metallic sludge (funny that) this band is as old as your granddads teeth, and as heavy as your grandma, Odin on vocals (he of Unfold/Vancouver fame)

Entombed/Celtic frost fanboys, heads up.


Thursday, 29 May 2008

Karysun - Interceptor (2008)

Former Amanda woodward members fuck shit up ala Sweetcobra, Lord by fire, Floor, Black cobra & the like.

Don't go expecting emo anthems here, this is dirty, raw & unpolished sludge/stoner

Highly recommended.