Monday, 27 April 2009

Insects with sway

Slimey dynamic metal from members of Nacht, Indian and some other band who i don't care about, it's good.

Kylesa, Mastodon, Immolation fans rejoice.

Thanks to Mike from Sludgeswamp & Arso.

Buy it here Seventhrule

Lord Mantis - Spawning the Nephilim

Friday, 17 April 2009

"Our live shows are like turning on a vacuum cleaner for like ten minutes"

Highly energetic hard/emo/whateveryouwannacallitcore. Some of these dudes were in Moss Icon and Born Against. This contains as far as i know all of their recorded material.

Universal Order Of Armageddon - S/T

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Being young is sometimes less fun than being dead...

"This upstate NY band had a sound that bridged the gap between deathcore and melodic metal, while still showing their hardcore roots. Think Bloodlet and Starkweather crossed with Into Another and Black Sabbath. Members went on to play in Robots & Empire, Joshua and The Ataris." 

I have no idea where you can still buy the full length, but Trip Machine recently did a limited repress of The Divinity Syndrome 7" so you can still get that.

Drowning Room - Truth Love Always

Monday, 6 April 2009

Weighs heavy on the mind.

I don't know much about this band... all I know is that they feature Iron monkey/Mogwai & electric wizard members, So have a butchers BUT don't go expecting riff heavy sludge or anything.

Crippled Black Phoenix - 200 Tons of bad luck

Radar Swarm = Awesome

Sounds like something you'd get by mixing Bloodlet with Knut or something. think early Hydra Head sound. Excellent album.

Superstatic revolution - Goodbye mr. Wanton

And here we have a swiss band called Cortez. More of that Hydra Head sound. Think old Isis, knut, etc. Some screamo influence. Great stuff.

Here is a link to the Radar Swarm site. Absolutely phenomenal french label, lots of great bands. BUY their releases, they deserve your money!

PS: there be two dudes who post stuff on here. You'll see me contribute more in the future.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

A bloody antisocial outing.... of sorts

Shit fucking happens, that's for sure, lo and behold a new ANB album. Days like these should be celebrated in a meth lab with a bottle of whiskey and copious amounts of pills.

And with titles like "loneliness of the long distance drug runner" you know you're winning.

An album for the times me thinks

Not to mention the brilliant artwork from Florian

I am drunk, fuck you


Agoraphobic nosebleed - Argorapocalypse

Say, did you know your cranium was glowing?

Unsane with electronics, pure and simple.

But here's a lengthy passage of hyperbole for you folks to enjoy.

A common musical ground does not ultimately require coming
from the same scene or style. It doesn't even require coming
from the same musical universe, as long as there is a deep
appreciation for each other's work and the ability and will to
push some boundaries. Celan was conceived of in early 2008
when Ari Benjamin Meyers (of Redux Orchestra and Einstⁿrzende
Neubauten) and Chris Spencer (Unsane, Cutthroats 9) met in a
bar in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Initially it was intended as a
collaboration between a classically trained composer and
someone who had been working and touring in a noise/rock band
for years.
After the initiation of the band at said Berlin bar, it became
obvious that it was more than just a nice idea. The
possibility of recording in the ex-Einsturzende Neubauten
studio came up, and it seemed that it could indeed become
reality. As months went by, the whole thing began to take
shape with the addition of Philipp Korner and Xavi Thiem (both
of ex-flu.ID-fame) on bass and drums. Chris, Philipp and Xavi
met when flu.ID toured with Unsane in late 2007 and stayed in
touch, becoming good friends. Chris also met Niko Wenner
(Oxbow) during Summer 08, and the line-up was complete. In
August 2008 they spent two weeks in the studio writing and
recording, pretty much from the get-go. Forcing themselves
into a fruitful jam/recording situation they laid a full album
to tape in just two weeks. The songs are infused with this
spontaneity and one can feel the chemistry between the band
members which aided the creative process. Ideas use the
musician and his instrument as a medium, creating stunning
music literally by itself. Even though there is a lot of
thought and creativity put into this album, it reveals its
beauty through its compelling creative vibe. Halo is their
debut album released through Exile On Mainstream.


Celan - Halo